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No Hidden Fees Your online total includes all taxes and fees; other travel sites often charge extra hidden fees for online bookings. I think it's tacky and just goes to excaibur how Casinos love to skimp on paying the help, and so do some cheap players judging by some of these comments.

Vegas Strip casino Excalibur, famously known for its medieval theme, is making way for new and innovative electronic tables. Twelve PokerPro electronic tables are to be installed, completely replacing all dealer-required tables. While game selection is still being worked out, Neil Bard, floor manager for the Excalibur and soon to be poker host strip poker the southpoint casino spa room, says that both tournaments and cash games will be offered.

The table is in its trial period. Further details on the new room have yet to be released, but check back on CardPlayer. LasVegasMichael 9 years ago. This was reported on Allvegaspoker five days ago, when the delaers were informed of their impending layoffs. Over 40 full time dealers are being laid off due to this conversion.

I look forward to it failing miserably. The Excalibur poker room has been around sinceand this is a travesty. Fortunately, people can just walk to Luxor or Mandalay and play in real poker rooms walkway through Excalnot internet mockups, excalibur casino strip poker. Rest In Peace, Excalibur. I will never set foot there again once those machines are there. I just got done playing these tables at Trump in AC for 9 days straight and they are unbelievably good. The main upside is winning.

The hands per hour is at least poker of a live game even one that is using an automatic shuffler. The other thing is that new players feel comfortable at these machines. Lastly, there is an "all in" button and I'd say players go all in 2 to 3 times what I normally see strip poker a skilled live game.

My win rate was three times what I normally average at live games. I'll be at blue chip casino hotels Excalibur and if you are even slightly skilled, you should be too. Realtors, stock brokers and yes dealers are being replaced by technology. Auto-workers were in part poker. The good news is that if tech jobs are being created.

Sadly I am a little slower than you and can't play 12 games and have excalibur casino strip poker higher win rate live. But, if you don't like the automated tables at 60 hands per hour or whatever, you must really hate the normally slow excalibur games. Tell all of the worst poker players to head to the Excalibur so I can make friends with them!!!!

Cuppett 9 years ago. Why would I want to play online poker at a casino? The whole poker feeling is having a dealer there with actual cards. This is terrible, and hopefully others casinos do not follow this path. I Love this idea, I have never played the excalibur before but I will now! Casino strip like online poker for the speed and the money saved in not constantly tipping but I don't like Online Poker because one I don't trust people colluding, By foxwood casino have friends that still are able to collude online, and I can't read the player I'm playing against as easily.

This is the best of both worlds! I can play fast, read players save money and do it all on the strip. I might even stay at the excalibur so I can stumble to my room easier, on my next trip in September! Obviously Pokertek shills are filling the comment section here. Any educated live poker players realize that this is a terrible idea, and that "doubling the hands per hour" excalibur casino "just like the internet" are common fallacies.

Talk to planet hollywoodhotel and casino in poker, and they will be against it. Obvious shills plugging the hands per hour etc. Over ten years ago, we were told to get used to electronic blackjack and roulette. Yeah, those went over well too. Grange95 9 years ago.

Let's call this change what it is--a pure cost-cutting move by Excalibur. They can cut a lot of salaries and benefits by axing dealers while still offering a bastardized version of poker. I suppose it beats slot machines.

People who play poker live play because they like the dynamics of the live game, and handling cards and chips is a big part of that experience. Basically, electronic tables are just "live online" poker, except you're forced to endure the bad hygiene of your opponents. AlaskaGal 9 years ago. I am sure the room as it is now as collective whole will deal more hands than pokertek because poker players will not be receptive to this.

Sure, people will sit down and try them out but why play on a computer when I can go shuffle my chips at the MGM across the street? Real poker players will not like this. They can stay home and play on the internet if they want to play on a computer. And LasVegasMichael is right. This arcticle reads like a paid advertisement by Pokertek and Excalibur.

You really need some pros and cons in your "news". It'll be even more interesting to see how long those "famous pros" stick around to play after their endorsement checks have been cashed Come on etables make the stockgo threw the roof so i can make a huge profit and then sell before the crash of the machines. Anyone who has played the new etables: I like the idea of playing "live" games with less time spent shuffling dealing etc, but one downside of online for me is less time to think.

How is the clock handled on these games? Also, I see there is a "heads up" version, which I like: I love playing heads-up online, and of course this is not profitable for a card room, but maybe now it can be. Do they have heads-up machines yet at Excalibur? Battletoad 9 years ago. If there are floor people to prevent collusion, I would try this out. Frankly I am sick and tired of most dealers out there. In my experience, they are often pretty rude, often strip poker to give pots to the wrong player from reading the board wrong, and expose cards WAY too much.

Both the dealers and some other players give dirty looks when you don't tip them, even if they are poor at their job. Even the ones who aren't totally terrible dont deserve money every hand. They don't chip in when they deal you a big money loser, Im sick of handing out my money to dealers out of customary expectations! If dealers feel they get stiffed so bad on their guaranteed hourly wages, they can find a real job where they won't sit down all day in an air-conditioned room.

If they were not so slow,inaccurate, and LAZY, they wouldnt need automatic shufflers installed on tables. This is HUGE in small stakes games. And if stacking chips and touching real cards are so important to you that you like putting up with all of this, too bad.

Grinders will save substancially by playing them,still be able to get live reads on players,all without most of the headaches associated with playing live poker. I have no stocks in this company, or other similar ones, but this is a great idea for those of us tired of putting up with needless crap all in order to play live poker. You are right even with out your tip i will still crack 90 k this year so dont worry about me ill be fine why dont you just stay home and play erie casino directions we dont need a player like you who is proberly a drunk at the table and rude to every one anyways.

Wow, you guys are so angry you must be dealers! I love technology and I can't see anything that makes these tables worse for the player. I have played on them before in Michigan and I loved them. They were incredibly faster than sitting at a dealer dealt table and I did make gibson casino online money. I love going to Vegas and I'm going to love playing at lake tahoe hyatt regency lake tahoe resort spa casino excalibur.

I think you poker sayers should try them before you start ranting, here is a big hell yes to excalibur from a serious poker player! I have played on these tables and they were a total bust at the casino I play at. They were removed poker a few months. Poker is a game played with chips and cards and without them you might as well play online. I verona casino played on a pokertek table on a carnival cruise about a year ago.

The cool thing about the whole process is they give you a card and its yours for life. You can use that card at any other automated table in the world. If you have money on that card it automatically will show up where you play at. The tables are very similar in size to a 10 seat poker table in size. The screens are very good size and so is the display unit in the middle of the table.

I am a live game person I like the interaction between human beings, all this does is takes the chips and dealers out of the equation. As I said I do perfer having chips in my hand and tossing them in the pot as much as the next person, but sometimes that is not a good thing. You might have a lush at your table, or people that are new to the game slowing it down not knowing chip denominations or even a novice dealer on your hand.

This system is very smooth, its never once froze up, it went from transistion to transition. It had a betting units on the side so you know what exactly to do. You use your hand to pull up your cards. Also they had it to where you can automatically change the game from cash 2 tournament if you wanted too depends on the pit boss.

Vegas Strip casino Excalibur, famously known for its medieval theme, is making way for 18, the poker room doors will close to reopen on Aug. The Excalibur Takes on Strip Poker We're talking about strip poker. Introducing Excalibur's Saturday night Strip Poker, an all-night Hold 'em bash dedicated to lady luck and a few Enter the Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino. Answer 1 of Now here is something new for an LV casino. “Strip Poker” Tournaments are an on-going promotion at the Excalibur Hotel/Casino in the Poker.